A beginner leg workout that’s easy and effective

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The legs are one of the most important parts of the human body. From babies to senior citizens, legs play a huge role in your health.

Many doctors and sports scientists suggest that everyone should do some type of regular leg exercise. With more and more people living sedentary lifestyles, many doctors are worried about the future health of Americans. We will focus on an effective and easy beginner leg workout anyone will be able to use.

The legs have many different muscles and joints. Some of these muscles are quite large and some are very small. However, each muscle and joint in the legs play a vital role in activities such as walking and running.

Leg workout

Doctors agree that the best workouts are ones that work out all of the muscles in the legs. You should be sure to train each leg by itself so that you develop equal muscle size.


Squats are an exercise that has been used to gain strength for many centuries. This exercise is very simple and can be done anywhere without any kind of equipment.

Squatting simply involves squatting down until the knees are bent at an angle and the lower back is a few inches above the ground.

From there, simply stand back up and repeat the squatting maneuver.

That is really all that is required of this exercise. Repeating this exercise daily will lead to stronger thighs, calves, and a lower back.

The wall sit.

The wall sitting is another great exercise to work out the legs. Many prefer to start their workout with a wall sit.

The wall sit is yet another simple and easy workout that needs a wall to perform.

Simply push your back onto the wall while extending and bending your knees as if you are in a sitting position.

The best way to explain this exercise is to pretend that you are sitting on an invisible chair against the wall. This exercise is great for muscle endurance and will help strengthen the muscles in the upper legs. Maintain this position for at least 30 seconds.


Lunges are another workout that does not require any equipment. Lunges work out different areas of the leg and should be part of any exercise routine that focuses on the legs. Extend both front and back legs forward and backward from a standing position. Be sure that your legs are bent once you have extended your legs.

From there, maintain the position for one or two seconds then switch to the other leg. This exercise works out the hamstrings and many other small muscles throughout the upper and lower leg.

All in all, these exercises should be part of any beginner leg workout. These exercises are suitable for beginners and are very easy to do while being immensely effective. A beginner looking to set up a workout plan should use these exercises as part of their leg routine.

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