How to lose weight in college?

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A college is a great place for having the best entertainment in life. Everyone loves their college life with friends hanging around, partying, and especially studies. College student also faces a busy schedule probably homework, classes, exams, studying, social obligations, extracurricular activities, and many others.

Maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle would get more impressions on you in college. In fact, it would help to achieve getting more friends to spend with the college life.

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Even in the hectic lifestyle, it is necessary to improve the fitness level to the maximum so that it would give us a healthy life. However, finding time to exercise with the appropriate diet plan is most important. Focus and concentration on the exercise and diet conditions are most important so that it would be quite easier to keep you healthy as well as it prevents extra pounds from packing on.

How to lose weight in college?

Demanding college work along with the busy campus life automatically makes it completely convenient to eat unhealthy junk foods. They are much easier to reach for and affordability acts as the perfect pitfall within the budget of the students.

Most Researchers state that excess body fat composition without any calorie burn would increase the waist circumference thus increasing the obesity condition in the body. Some of the major factors that could lead to the obesity condition for college students is.

Severe lifestyle changes

  • Late-night study.
  • Lack of sleep.
  • Unhealthy eating.
  • Inactivity.

Obese or overweight could lead to many more internal problems so it is necessary to make yourself fit to have a glowing lifestyle. Follow this set of instructions in your college and you would see a better result.

1. Drink more water.

Water will keep you hydrated and makes you feel fuller. Our body consists of 60% water for better health. Our muscles and kidneys contain water at the ratio of 79% and skin contains 64% of water. Bones have 31% of water content. Drinking water 3 liters per day is most important for average adult male and 2.2 liters per day minimum for an average adult female.

2. Lift weights to lose weight.

Aerobic activity like cardio is the best option for burning the calories you’ll lose muscle mass without weight training. Gaining lean muscle mass would translate it faster with higher calorie expenditure and efficient metabolism. Losing muscle mass is linked with slowing the metabolism rate. Muscle mass contributes to 20 to 25% of the total resting metabolic rate. Lifting weight would keep your metabolism rate running at the strength of up to 14 hours. In fact, it also prevents losing your muscle mass. You will be a stronger, healthier, and leaner body.

3. Do your aerobic.

Cardio exercises are most important for weight gain and weight loss prevention. Cardio or aerobic exercises are the key to burning calories as well as improving overall health. Aerobic activities are the best exercise methods to increase the capacity of the muscles. Normally, the Belly fats are linked with metabolic disturbances and they could lead to the increased risk factors of cardiovascular disease 2 diabetes. Simple cardio exercises reduce belly fat and some of the exercises are…

  • Brisk walking.
  • Light jogging.

4. Take the stairs.

Burning calories are most important in losing weight. You can take stairs for few times a day for burning the extra calories along with the calorie-burning aerobic workouts. For a 120 pounds person, walking upstairs at a moderate speed would automatically burn 5 calories per minute. For a 180 pounds person, walking stairs would lead to 9 calories a minute.

5. Use a exercise or fitness tracker.

Many fitness trackers are available that helps you to track your activity level. An exercise tracker is a great way to keep up the motivation when you like to lose weight and come up in a shape. Activity-tracking devices monitor the energy burn as well as track the daily workout timings.

6. Exercise with a partner.

A recent study suggests that performing an aerobic activity such as cycling and running would be a better exercise for enabling the highest standard level. Hitting the gym along with your friend, partner or coworker could increase your performance and improve your accountability. Some of the exercises need a partner to help and motivation.

  • Push-ups.
  • Planks.
  • Squats.

7. Make workout challenge.

Having a 30-day workout challenge would be a great option to boost up your performance and it would be much easier for staying in motivation. According to available time, you can schedule the right time for such workouts, just make sure that you give at least 30 – 45 minutes of your time daily for the exercise.

Diet for college student.

Student needs to increase their physical fitness and enormous memory power to get out with flying colors. Diets are one of the important aspects that you need to concentrate on for leading a healthy life. Some students feel that they do not have time to follow the diet plan according to the schedule. Diets are based on eating healthy food such as…

  • Fish.
  • Vegetables.
  • Fruits.
  • Nuts.
  • Natural oils.
  • Meats.

Processed foods with sugar and grease could be avoided in the diet plan and the main goal is to minimize as much as possible.

Fruits: Strawberries, Apples, Bananas, Pomegranate, and Oranges are most important for a balanced diet.

Vegetables: Eating all the vegetables is a great option for enabling a high-end immune system. Carrots, onions, spinach, green bell peppers, broccoli, green beans, spinach, and many others bring you more health confidence.

Eggs: Normally, Eggs are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals such as choline and selenium. You would feel completely energetic taking your food with an egg.

Tea and water: Normally, Calorie-heavy drinks such as soda and juice could impede the progress. Stick with water and tea for the best results in an excellent manner and you would feel complete energetic in a short time without any hassle. Try out the Loose-leaf instead of bagged tea so that it brings you complete energy.

Maintain your physical body and mental activities by doing the yoga exercises as it enables you to stable your body and mind.

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