How to lose weight without joining a gym?

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Almost all health experts recommend workout and dieting for reducing weight. This combination, if followed correctly, shows wonderful results in losing weight and maintaining it for a long time. But it is not necessary that you have to join the gym as your workout solution. Gym memberships are quite expensive these days. Many times the gym timings do not fit in your schedule.

Luckily, many studies have proven that changes in your daily diet are more effective for weight loss, as compared to exercise. Moreover, there are plenty of workout options that can be chosen as an alternative to the gym. So it is a better option not to join the gym and perform some minor dietary changes for losing weight.

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Here are some tips for losing weight without hitting the gym.

1. Eat healthy breakfast containing protein and fibre.

Having breakfast is something that is specifically taken care of, in the process of weight loss. Various health studies have proven that eating a breakfast rich in protein and fiber regularly can eliminate your hunger throughout the day and can control unnecessary food cravings. Some of the healthy breakfasts can be egg white, milk with cornflakes, fruit salad, 1 bowl of oats, etc.

2. Fill your diet with veggies, fruits, and lean protein.

One of the best diet solutions for losing weight is to shift towards a less calorie diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. It is best to snack upon these items. Some of the meals can be baked vegetables, salad containing various fruits and green vegetables, a low-fat sandwich, or an apple.

3. Try to avoid careless snacking.

Eating something or the other throughout the day and that too without natural hunger leads to a lot of weight gain. Some people have the habit of snacking something while watching television, doing work, or at late night. Such mindless snacking can lead to weight gain. It is all about self-control and snacking on something healthy.

4. Avoid liquid calories.

Another popular reason for weight gain is the continued consumption of sugary drinks like aerated drinks, preservative fruit juices, and other flavored drinks. These sweetened drinks cause a lot of weight gain. This is most common in summers when we drink aerated drinks in abundance to satisfy our thirst. It is better to replace these calorie-filled beverages with water, coconut water, and sugarless drinks.

5. Add regular exercise to your morning schedule.

Without exercise, it is impossible to lose weight. Even 15 minutes of regular exercise can show some significant results.

You can start jogging in place, squat jump, high knees (with an optional jog and raised arms), tricep dip, and toe touch.

For better results, you can stretch the time to 45 minutes and add yoga sessions to extend the benefits of all exercises. Yoga opens up the body and relaxes the mind that keeps you active all day.

This is how you can lose weight without joining a gym.

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