How to stay active in hot summer weather?

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Summer is one of the most fitness demotivating times when fitness freak gets slow and this is the perfect time to stay active. In this guide, I will explain to you how you can be fit and active in hot weather.

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1. Take some extra precautions in the heat.

Summer heat could cause many health issues if you ignore the basic safety tips. Basically, if the outside temperature is lower than 28~30 Degree Celsius then it is a good time for outside activities but it is more than 30 Degree Celsius then you need to take some extra precautions or completely avoid going outside unless it sunsets.

If you are planning for some exercise sessions the follow below precautions.

Drink a sufficient amount of water. It helps you to keep cool and calm all the time and it because very important thing too when it’s hot out and when you do intense exercise.

Do exercise in the morning or evening. The best time is morning as the temperature is cool during this time. Avoid any heavy exercises and especially in summer seasons take rest breaks frequently.

Wear light-colored (white is best) and breathable clothes. It will help your body to breathe properly.

Notice the early signs of heat exhaustion. Like nausea, dizziness, cramps, and headache. If you notice any signs, stop your activity right away, cool off, and drink fluids.

2. Take your toughest workout indoor.

As we all know most of the roughest workout is not done indoors, still there is a number of exercises that could be done inside the house, so not every time you have to go outside for maintaining fitness. Make use of spin bikes and rowing machines, as they are enough for tough workouts.

3. Play tennis for full body workout.

Tennis is a most focused game and can be played in gardens which will help you to absorb most from nature. Playing a tennis game requires the use of complete body and a half or one-hour gameplay is enough for anyone to complete his portion of a full-body workout.

If possible, walk on green grass for a while it benefits our feet and improved our eyesight.

4. Get a wet workout.

When we talk about summer and water only one thing comes to mind that is the swimming pool. There is nothing better than this in this hot weather. If you have one in your building take advantage of it else you can join swimming classes which does not cost much. If you don’t know how to swim this is the best time to get started. If swimming does not fit in your location then waterparks are the best option.

5. Find the cool spot to spend your time.

If above all tips are more than enough then one last thing could be finding the coolest spot to spend your time. Some places like malls, theatres, amusement parks, etc. are good options to visit.

If you find this post helpful do share it and if know some other better options let us know in the below comment section, because everyone wants to be cool this summer.

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