What is LISS Workout?

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Have you ever heard the buzz about LISS or Low-Intensity Steady State cardio lately?

LISS is a simple training of low endurance workouts such as swimming, walking, or cycling at a relaxed level. Hiking is considered the general state as it does not push your stamina to the maximum. As the name suggests, LISS is the opposite of High-Intensity Interval Training so as an alternative to pushing yourself to the breaking point, LISS sets you the goal of the low level of exertion for attaining the continuous and long period.

Low-Intensity Steady State Cardio or LISS exercises are maintained at the same pace for a set period of time. LISS is different from HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

HIIT focuses on the quick bursts of the cardio exercises that are followed by a period of rest. HIIT is a great option for burning fat and calories within a short period of time.

LISS Workout

LISS exercises have intervals of super-high intensity to increase the burning of calories to the maximum. Cut your workout time significantly. LISS training is a low endurance workout at a relaxed level state so you do not push your body to the extreme.

Benefits of LISS Exercises.

In order to increase the metabolism of fat in the body, a higher oxygen rate is necessary so intensity must be lowered for the body to break down the fat.

When you are sprinting, jogging or any other exercise, your body will use oxygen so when the level of oxygen is lower, then your body uses other energy sources such as carbohydrates to increase the energy level. LISS exercises help you to maintain a high level of oxygen level by improvising more endurance.

  • Building fitness level.
  • Increases aerobic and anaerobic levels.
  • Stable blood pressure.
  • Cardiovascular health.
  • Insulin sensitivity.
  • Helps muscles to use glucose for workout fuel.
  • Cholesterol profiles.
  • Abdominal fat and body weight.
  • Maintaining muscle mass.
  • Recover faster.
  • Burn calories.
  • Stick with it.

Doing the LISS workouts does not create more strain in the body and it is much easier when compared to other exercises. LISS is a great way for everyone to do the exercises and you can easily do it outside listening to some music or taking the dogs for a walk.

LISS is a great enjoyable and relaxing exercise and you would be surprised to do them. When you are doing the tough training sessions of HIIT or other resistance sessions during the week, then doing the LISS workouts would bring you lighter impact efficiency for getting complete recovery of your stamina. LISS helps to increase the blood flow and recover the damaged muscles as well as reduce the post-workout stiffness.

Training at a lower intensity level brings a higher level of oxygen to the body. To break down the Fat, more level of oxygen is required in the body so doing the LISS workouts regularly would be much easier to maintain a healthy body.

LISS Workouts.

Low-Intensity Steady State Workouts are long-duration cardiovascular sessions that involve a targeted heart rate of about 45% to 60% of the estimated maximal heart rate. For each of the workout sessions, no change or very little of the intensity or speed throughout the workout is maintained excluding the cooldown and warm-up phases.

LISS is also referred to as performing cardiovascular exercises in a steady way and the heart rate does not tend to fluctuate higher or lower. Heart rates are elevated in a moderate way when compared to the HIIT workouts such as sprinting or high-paced interval-styled workouts.

Walking for LISS.

Walking is probably a pretty familiar exercise that we do to some extent every day. Walking improves the fitness level and increases the steady-state cardio.

  • Walk at a steady rate for 25-30 minutes.
  • Maintain the same pace at 2-3 weeks.
  • For 6-8 weeks add 3-5 minutes.
  • Take a week off to body to reset.

Rowing for LISS.

Rowing is the popular cardio workout for CrossFit. Rowing too many meters for a time also improves the steady-state cardio. You can conveniently use a heart rate monitor attached to the rower machine for ensuring the perfect zone and you can improve the fat burn rate and ensure to reach cardiovascular level.

  • Row 30 minutes at a brisk pace.
  • Keep the rate steady as possible.
  • Bump higher intensity to go harder.

Elliptical for LISS.

When you are interested in visiting the gym for going the muscular workouts, then you can also continue the LISS workouts with an Elliptical exercise machine especially just for cardio. The elliptical is something to invest indefinitely for LISS. Elliptical exercise is a great workout to lose 5 pounds to 50 pounds of weight.

  • Go forward for 15 minutes at a steady pace.
  • Pedal backward for 15 minutes at a steady pace.
  • Take rest for 15 minutes.
  • Repeat the process.

Swimming for LISS.

Swimming is the ultimate full-body workout suitable for increasing body stamina. Resistance-free swimming is most important and you can change different types of strokes to enable the workout for different muscles.

Anterior and Posterior parts of your body will be maintained at a higher pace. The natural kicking movement also ensures higher jogging or walking movements. Swimming exercises provide you a great cardio workout and reduce the pain in the joints.

  • Continuously swim up and down without letting your feet hit the bottom.
  • Set a time duration of 20 to 25 minutes for a full workout.

Why Choose LISS Cardio Workouts?

LISS workouts are most preferred as they are completely harmless and enjoyable. Muscles, joints, and bones would be at full function while doing the regular workouts.

For example, Walking is a lot less taxing on the knees or ankles when compared to sprinting on the track. In fact, doing these 4 forms of LISS cardio exercises along with the heavy workouts would bring you higher energy and stamina. LISS cardio workouts are excellent in bringing the higher size, fat loss as well as overall recovery at steady form.

LISS is the best way of cardio workouts that are mostly done at the cruising and relaxed pace workouts such as walking, swimming, cycling as well as slowly jumping rope.

Having a lower number would increase the higher criteria and keep at low intensity. LISS cardio helps you to relieve the central nervous system and aids in the full recovery of muscles.

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